5 Ways To Have The Ideal LGBTQ Wedding

5 Ways To Have The Ideal LGBTQ Wedding

Weddings are a time of heightened emotions and roller-coasters of feelings. Add an LGBTQIA+ attribute in front of it and you might get even more wedding drama. Why is that? Two people love each other and want to get married. Sounds clear and simple. However, though weddings can be incredibly romantic and mark a milestone in one’s relationship, still they can also bring back the ugly face of patriarchy, especially in same-sex relationships.

Despite the possible setbacks, remember that your wedding is primarily a solemn promise that you will be there for each other. And to lighten your burden a bit, we have shortlisted the top 5 ways you can have an LGBTQIA+ wedding of your dreams.

Make it About You Two

This cannot be said enough. The wedding should be about the happy couple and not about everyone else. This is a piece of advice that should go out to all couples, straight or gay. It is a day in which you can choose what makes you and your partner unique individuals as well as what makes you work as one. Even your wedding clothes can be an expression of your individual ideas and lifelong dreams. However, by using small details, you can complement each other and bring unity even to outfits that don’t seem to work together at all

Play With Tradition, Make Your Own Rules

Just because you are a part of the LGBTQIA community doesn’t mean that ‘traditional’ wedding elements are off-limits. Sure, some just won’t make sense, but if they make sense to you – go for it. A lesbian can wear a white gown if she wants to. The first ‘father-daughter’ dance can be between the grooms and their mothers. Why not? You can show yourselves as equal partners unburdened by gender rules with the use of symbolism. Perhaps the wedding cake can have two figures of your favorite animals instead of the traditional bride and groom pieces. Or you can walk down the aisle together hand in hand, as you have thus far in life, and as you will continue to do.

Use the Internet

Internet is your friend and your wedding wing-man, wing-woman, wing-person, you get what I mean. Inspiration might hit you anytime, so scroll and save to a Pinterest Board. Instagram is a great place to find inspiration as well. This includes wedding venues, outfits, even bachelor(ette) parties. But, these are just starting points, so give yourself enough freedom to twist the ideas you see online and make them your own. There are great ways to use the best of the internet even during your wedding. You can opt for amazing GIF booth hire which allows you to share all the fun gifs and pics on social media right away. In the U.S. you can find photo booths. Adding a social media station to your touch screen photo booth creates an interactive experience for guests at a wedding or party.

Give Tribute to the Struggle
You don’t have to make your wedding a beacon of LGBTQIA+ movement, but a tribute will show that on this day, your wedding day, love won over fear and lack of understanding. The struggle is still quite real so we have to count the small victories as we go. The rainbow flag is a safe bet, especially in the background of your pictures, flying high. However, there are other smaller attributes which you can also use. A rainbow cake is almost a classic at this point, but cookies with decoration with ‘Mr and Mr’ or ‘Mrs and Mrs’ can be great, too.

Make Sure Your Wedding is Pro-Gay

As was mentioned, the struggle is real and not all people are allies, yet. So, to make your wedding stress-and-judgment-free, keep in mind who you are hiring and who is coming. Your wedding is a time for you to celebrate and not to bicker. We’ve got protests and laws for that, let’s face it, every other day. Your wedding providers should be on your side and excited about your wedding. Using sites like LGBTWeddings.com, referrals from friends, from other wedding professionals, and wedding expos are all wonderful resources to find trusted professionals who are pro-LGBTQIA+. Use the time to enjoy the support of your loved ones and share your happiness with them. It may not be grand but it is real.