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Lesbians In Love supports you to cultivate the relationship skills needed to create lasting passionate love.

When you listen to the Lesbians In Love podcast, you’ll get real talk for Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer women in relationships with women. Learn how to navigate challenges, get juicy inspiration for date nights, and hear from guest experts on everything from planning your wedding, to parenting and spicing up your sex life. Hosted by love coaches and partners in life and love, Meghan Neeley & Erika Cederdahl.

The Biggest Wedding Trends We’ll See in 2020

Can you believe it’s going to be 2020?! I feel like 1995 was right around the corner, which shows you just how old I really am. But with each new year comes fun new trends, and we’re seeing some really cool ones pop up in the wedding space. From crazy cake designs to weddings that are way more eco-friendly than before, if you’re planning a 2020 or 2021 wedding you should definitely consider one or two of these unique wedding trends.

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Wedding Q&A: Friday Weddings, Speeches, Bachelor Parties, and More

In this two-part Q&A we are answering even more questions from our listeners. This week we’re going to cover topics such as:

  1. How does the day of transportation work if we are getting ready at a hotel?
  2. My fiancé and I are paying for the wedding. How do I convince my parents I’m not going to invite everybody they want?
  3. How do we save our guests from a boring speech?
  4. Would you give up a Saturday date to have a Friday wedding in a venue you like better?
  5. My fiancé’s friends want to take him to a strip club for his bachelor party, but I’m not comfortable with this.
  6. Can we send some guests paper STDs and other guests online ones?

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Wedding Q&A: Unexcited Grooms, Save the Dates vs. Invites, Vendor Meals, and More

We get so many great wedding planning questions in our private Facebook group that we thought we would spend the new two episodes answering a few of our favorite ones. Here’s what we’re covering on this episode:

  1. Do you still need to send Save the Dates or is it ok to just send out wedding invites three months before the wedding?
  2. Can you use your holiday card as a Save the Date?
  3. Do I use real flowers and spend thousands for only a few hours, or fake flowers?
  4. Do you add your vendors to the guest list because they are having a plated meal?
  5. Do you have to have friends from your past that you aren’t really close to anymore as bridesmaids? Or can you choose more current ones?
  6. How do we make sure we remember the night and it doesn’t just fly by?
  7. What can you do if you’ve always dreamed of having a wedding– and your fiancé’s excited to marry you–but not excited about or interested in the actual wedding?

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How to Craft a Wedding Menu Guests Will Remember

You don’t have to serve filet mignon or lobster at your wedding to have guests rave about the food. Whether you’re searching for the right caterer or going to your first tasting, we break down how to create a unique wedding menu, what type of food service you should have (IE: buffet vs. plated), appetizer choices, as well as how much catering costs on average around the country. Grab a fork and dig in!

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What We Would Register for Now If We Could

It’s been nine years since Cory and I got married (and had our wedding registry), and 12 years since we’ve been together. In that time we’ve definitely figured out what’s worth registering for and what’s not. In this episode we share some of our favorite household brands and appliances, and what we would add to our wedding registry if we made one today. PLUS: Are honeymoon/cash funds tacky? We talk about all of this and more!

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How to Deal With Wedding Drama

Your wedding is supposed to be a fun, loving, memorable experience… and it will be! But sometimes along the way you’re going to find yourself dealing with different opinions, personalities, and just flat-out rudeness from guests or family members that will make you say “WTF!” Weddings have a tendency to bring out the best AND worst in some people, even when they don’t mean it. So how do you handle all the drama? Listen to this episode and find out!

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The 15 Best Celebrity First Dance Songs

OK I admit it: When it comes to music, Cory and I are definitely a little stuck. We listen to the same bands over and over again, and we’ve heard from several listeners that while you like our music taste, you might want to hear MORE suggestions for music that might be outside our go-to picks. We’ve heard you loud and clear! So we thought, what better source for old and new music than the songs celebrities chose for their own first dances? Tune in and listen to the picks!

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A Bride’s Guide to Her Bachelorette Party

Top 50 Most Requested Wedding Bouquet Toss Songs

Even though you might not be the one actually planning your bachelorette party, you will probably have A LOT of questions along the way. Whether you’re trying to figure out what you want to do or who should be in charge of the details to the uncomfortable subject of money (do you pay your own way?), we cover all the basics.

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Wedding Ceremony Basics: Pt 2

In last week’s episode we talked about ceremony basics such as who holds the rings and where guests should sit, and in this episode we dig even deeper. From your wedding ceremony script to unique wedding traditions you can incorporate (such as ring warming, tree planting, and hand-fasting), and even how you should kiss (tongue or no tongue?) the second episode in this two-part series will help you plan your wedding ceremony!

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