AI Ring-Buying Apps – Engage Shares a New Way to Discover and Shop Wedding & Engagement Rings (

All aspects of the traditional wedding experience have been disrupted over the last few months and Engage is introducing itself as a brand-new mobile app that shares a fresh new way for couples to shop wedding and engagement rings. The mobile app is powered by artificial intelligence and it is designed to reimagine the purchasing experience by focusing on at-home customization and design.

In a world that’s teeming with choices, the platform helps to simplify the buying process to help consumers quickly figure out what they’re looking for. With Engage, couples can choose the band, mental, diamond shape and clarity of their liking, and receive the support of an AI virtual consultant that’s capable of making smart recommendations. As many people have spent years collecting inspiration on Pinterest, the app also lets users connect their account so that smart recommendations can be made.

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Natural Beauty: Resorts with the Most Gorgeous Gardens


Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

Owned and operated by the same family for five generations, this exquisite waterview hideaway on Italy’s ultra-romantic Amal Coast is a stalwart luxury hotel. High-end touches in the 180-year-old Sorrento property include bespoke art-filled accommodations complete with crisp linen sheets, unbeatable — and award-winning — regional cuisine (remember this is where pizza was invented) and an endless garden that fuels not only the food program, but also some of the spa treatments. The hotel’s 215,000-plus square foot groves feature lemons and other delectable citrus including the regional organe, which can be found in the lobby’s fresh-squeezed juice, as well as local perfumes (room rates start at about $555 a night).

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Named for a village on Italy’s Lake Como, this Las Vegas Strip mainstay is all about the glitz and glamour for which both destinations are so celebrated. There’s the unparalleled art collection, the robust food and beverage offerings, and of course the famed dancing fountains. Another standout are the rotating gardens. The not-oft-touted conservatory is nothing less than spectacular. A marriage of artful efforts by the enormous on-site horticulture team and a visiting artist, the indoor oral creations are an impressive masterpiece of design that change seasonally (room rates start at $159 a night).

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Peru Andes

This collection of whitewashed buildings, positioned close to one of the world’s most mystical sites — Machu Picchu — is set on a seemingly endless 12 jungle-y acres. Among the flora are more than 370 orchid species. The gorgeous — and fragrant — garden comprises the world’s largest collection of native orchid varieties. The space is also home to a whopping 214 bird species. And deep within the dense foliage is the spa, which at its centerpoint boasts a traditional Incan sweat lodge. It’s the perfect finale after exploring the mountainous area (room rates start at $250 a night and include breakfast, dinner and train transfers).

Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle

Proudly standing in County Mayo on Ireland’s western coast, this stately — and sprawling — 13th-century estate is chockablock with all the classic and gilded amenities that one would expect from a bonafide castle. One of the marquee attractions are the formal gardens, which were originally designed by Lady Ardilaun of the Guinness family, owners of the storied property for 100 years. Terraces and walkways lattice meticulously manicured hedges, owers and trees. And the expanse is punctuated by water features, notably a pond. Activities hosted in the gardens include falconry (room rates start at about $785 a night and include breakfast).

Virtual Bridal Fashion Shows – Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week is Embracing a Virtual Format (

Just as there are virtual runway events being embraced by the fashion industry, virtual bridal fashion shows and appointments are becoming the norm. This year, Fira de Barcelona is planning to embrace an all-new digital format featuring pre-recorded shows that will be adapted to the unique needs of each designer. These shows are set to be captured on a large stage and across 20-meter wide LED screens.

In this way, Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week promises to treat audiences to a grand experience, especially as the show will integrate the expertise of La Fura dels Baus theater and show production company, the team responsible for creating the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympic Games.

The event is set to include a digital showroom to entice buyers from across the globe, ad it will be supported by an official VBBFW app.

Image Credit: Fira de Barcelona

The Biggest Wedding Trends We’ll See in 2020

Can you believe it’s going to be 2020?! I feel like 1995 was right around the corner, which shows you just how old I really am. But with each new year comes fun new trends, and we’re seeing some really cool ones pop up in the wedding space. From crazy cake designs to weddings that are way more eco-friendly than before, if you’re planning a 2020 or 2021 wedding you should definitely consider one or two of these unique wedding trends.

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Handmade Wedding Registries – The Dowry Shares a Curated Selection of Handmade Wedding Gifts

The Dowry is introducing its wedding registry as a place where people can find an assortment of handmade wedding gifts. Knowing that many people want to give meaningful, high-quality gifts that aren’t mass-produced or poorly made, The Dowry is on a mission to redefine the wedding registry experience by sharing curated household items that are shaped, woven, painted and otherwise brought into this world by American artists. Naturally, due to the nature of the platform, many of the gifts that can be found on The Dowry are not just novel but one-of-a-kind.

With its wedding registry, The Dowry recognizes that “The wedding industry is in a new era of microweddings, minimonies and virtual weddings” and it is leaning into this movement towards intimate and meaningful celebrations by offering treasured handmade housewares.

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Vineyard Wedding Venues – Canadian Wineries are Inviting Couples to Say “I Do” with Small Ceremonies

Getting married in 2020 looks a lot different than last year and couples may find themselves spending their special day enjoying a vineyard wedding instead of what they initially planned months ago. Couples who are still determined to get married in 2020 may have had to rethink their choice of venue or the number of guests they’re permitted to invite but this doesn’t mean their special day has to be any less memorable or beautiful. Recognizing that couples are open to intimate ceremonies—or “minimonies”—Canadian wineries are inviting couples on-site. A handful of well-known wineries are offering one-day-only wedding packages to acknowledge the fact that simple yet elegant options can replace traditional wedding plans.

The all-inclusive wedding packages block out a two-hour window for up to 20 guests and come equipped with an officiant, a photographer, confections, a charcuterie platter, wine and more.

Image Credit: Kevin Trowbridge Photography, See Ya Later Ranch

Virtual Bridal Appointments – David’s Bridal is Introducing Virtual Video Appointment Experiences (

The wedding industry is adapting to changing times by offering more online experiences, including everything from virtual ceremonies to bridal appointments. David’s Bridal recently announced Virtual Appointment Experience and Virtual Video Appointments. With the latter option, a bride and her entire bridal party are invited to join the experience from anywhere in the world.

As retail stores are limiting the number of consumers who can be within a store at a time, this option offers not only more safety in response to a global pandemic but also promises to unite friends and family members around the world who might otherwise miss out on the wedding dress discovery experience. With a stylist, a bride-to-be will be guided through wedding dress options, color swatches, styling advice and more.

Image Credit: David’s Bridal

Mini Wedding Packages – An All-Inclusive Mini Wedding Shares the Essentials for Up to 10 People

Dreams of having a large wedding ceremony in 2020 may be dashed but many couples are going ahead with their plans to tie the knot by changing their vision and opting for a “mini wedding” instead. As there is a Southern Californian ban on large weddings, businesses are pivoting to support couples who still want to celebrate, perhaps on a much smaller scale than they’d originally intended.

Mini Wedding packages are all-inclusive and can accommodate up to 10 guests. As well as catering to a much smaller number of guests than usual, the concept also shortens the event time to just 1.5 hours and appeals to those who still want to enjoy flowers, cake, decorations and a meaningful moment shared with close loved ones.

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Postponed Wedding Registries – Domino’s Online Wedding Registry Service Has a Rain Check Registry

A few years ago, Domino’s Pizza launched its own online wedding registry service and to reflect the fact that this year’s wedding season looks and feels different than usual, Domino’s created a new Rain Check Registry. As countless couples have had to postpone their planned wedding ceremony due to a global pandemic, the registry offers a place for friends and family to send “pizza love through eGift cards.”

On the Domino’s Rain Check Registry, pizza-loving couples will find helpful resources for changing dates, planning virtual gatherings and negotiating with vendors. On the registry, couples can rely on packages like the Virtual Bachelorette Party, the Vendor Call-A-Thon and the Small Wedding Now, Big Celebration Later, each of which has been crafted to help couples better handle what’s been unexpectedly thrown their way.

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Commemorative Pride Rings – Jared’s Rainbow Ring Celebrates Five Years of Marriage Equality

To mark Pride Month this year and the five-year anniversary of marriage equality, Jared created a limited-edition rainbow Pride ring. During the global pandemic, Jared launched its #LoveCantWait campaign and this ring fits right in with the many virtual celebrations that have been taking the place of in-person gatherings. The Love Proudly Ring is made of 14K gold and is accented with nine semi-precious gemstones. On the inside, the ring of unity and love is engraved with the date when the Supreme Court passed the Marriage Equality Act.

Through the sales of the limited-edition rainbow ring, Jared is supporting the six charitable partners involved with iHeartMedia and Procter & Gamble’s Can’t Cancel Pride: A COVID-19 Relief Benefit for the LGBTQ+ Community virtual celebration.

Image Credit: Jared