Art Gallery Micro-Weddings – Toronto’s ‘The Freedom Factory Gallery’ Now Offers Micro-Weddings (

Micro-weddings are becoming increasingly popular with Millennials for their convenience and accessible price points, and Toronto’s The Freedom Factory is leveraging the trend with its new event option. For the price of $3,000, couples will be able to use the ‘no-commission ar gallery’ for an economical yet à la mode wedding. The space is available for three hours and features the artwork of local visual artists. The package includes an officiant, a cake and a professional photographer with the option to upgrade to include other bells and whistles.

“This concept of charging couples double when they are starting out their lives continued to shocked us. Thus, our new micro-wedding service (was born), offering couples an affordable, all-inclusive luxury alternative – designed by local Toronto creatives,” she said. “Artists and musicians from our network get paid to provide incredible memories that won’t leave couples in debt.”

Moreover, the profits from the event support the venue and the artists who exhibit there, by giving them the opportunity to keep all their earnings.

Image Credit: Toronto/ Khary Safari

Wedding Planning Hotlines – Event Hollow’s Hotline Provides Wedding Planning Advice & Help

Wedding start-up Event Hollow created a free wedding planning hotline for couples planning their nuptials in Northern California who could use wedding planning advice or help. The hotline is helpful for connecting callers to Event Hollow’s award-winning wedding planners for service recommendations, problem-solving or virtually anything in between. As Event Hollow Founder and CEO Jen Edmon says, “I want couples who are at any point in planning their wedding to know that they can call us with any wedding questions they have and we’ll share what we know.”

This hotline offers a peek into what Event Hollow will be introducing in just a few weeks—a curated online marketplace that helps to take the stress out of hunting for wedding vendors, getting pricing sorted out and arranging schedules. This first-of-its-kind wedding marketplace will make it possible for couples to discover, book and finance their wedding from just one site.

Top 95 Weddings Trends in 2019 – From Branded Wedding Playlists to Affordable Elopement Packages

Many of the 2019 wedding trends showcase a shift from grandiose traditional events to affordable, micro-weddings, ranging from direct-to-consumer artisan jewelers to affordable micro-wedding packages. Many wedding-specific industries, such as jewelers, apparel, and venues, have shifted their business models to accommodate consumers’ preferences to purchase directly from producers at more wallet-friendly prices.

For example, Toronto-based bakery, Le Dolci, recently launched a new wedding cake rental service lets couples order a pre-made “dummy” cake, complete with a top tier that can be sliced into for the purposes of the ceremony, eating and photo-taking. Another notable trend includes the popularity of “micro-weddings” or “pop-up weddings” where partners only need to show up with a few of their closest friends for an all-inclusive, miniature wedding event that’s affordable and fast.

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Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in December – From Medical Alert Pendants to Neck-Stretching Solutions

The December 2019 lifestyle trends are dynamic and progressive, featuring a plethora of new ideas that cater to day-to-day living in extravagant and casual manners. One of the standout lifestyle trends this month is the Medical Guardian Limitless Icons collection, designed for senior women. The pendants are stylistically conscious and incorporate PERS, which stands for Personal Emergency Response Systems. The jewelry features resin accent stones and snaps on with magnetic enclosure systems designed with inspiration drawn from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Another standout lifestyle concept this month is the ‘Tranquil 2.0’ — it releases pain around the neck through decompression. Users place their head and neck on the mount and stretch out areas that may be tense, resulting in less stress on the physical body and improving overall circulation.