Debunking Wedding Myths

But I Don’t Need A Wedding Planner

The wedding photography market is rapidly growing. It’s more important than ever before to do research and ensure the perfect photographer for your wedding. There are a plethora of photographers who are ready, willing, and able to serve you. The question is, “Is that enough” Not always.

How about one that identifies with the LGBT Community Booking a LGBTQIA+ photographer who understands the nuances of a same-sex couple and the nuances of the wedding planning process is a plus. There can be some advantages to “keeping it in the community.” Even so, sexual orientation or gender identity, one way or the other, does not qualify a wedding vendor.
When booking a photographer, same-sex couples need to think about their budget, compatibility, and overall outcome (have you checked their references). Wedding photographers are alongside you through the entire day so camaraderie is not only important, it’s essential. You want them to feel comfortable around you just as much as they need to make you feel at ease. Furthermore, the outcome of their work, your wedding pictures, will be the timeless treasures that adorn your walls for years to come, if not your whole life. So it’s important to love their style and art. Without exception, all of your vendors need to be wholly supportive of your relationship. This is especially essential with your photographers who will capture the love between you.