DIY…or Not

Wedding Planners and Coordinators receive many calls from couples looking for help and direction. More and more, soon-to-be-newlyweds are simply seeking staff to set up and breakdown the DIY decor that they themselves have created. Some couples spend months, if not a year, creating and assembling décor, favors, and centerpieces. However, few have considered who would be setting these items up and taking them down on their wedding day. 

Doing things yourself for your wedding day can be a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your event. If you’re lucky with some items, you may even reduce some of your costs. Small items like favors, chalkboards, and welcome signs are all do-able, simple tasks for most couples. Attempting fresh flower arrangements, room draping, and mismatched china will actually cost you more money than if you hired a professional.

Some event planning and coordinating companies will not take on clients that are paying for labor only. And those companies that do will charge a premium for staff only. This alone will likely make going through the event planning company from the beginning a more affordable option.

If you are considering taking on some of the tasks for your wedding, ask yourself these questions: How much money will I save if I do this myself Have you received some quotes from professionals? Will I be able to complete this in advance of the wedding? Who will deliver this to the wedding site? Who will set this up on the wedding day Who will clean this up at the end of the night? ?DIY often causes couples undue stress. Add too many things to your to-do list in the few days before the wedding, may not be in your best interest. In addition, putting the burden of setup and breakdown on the wedding party, family, or friends, may take a lot of the fun factor out of your wedding for them. We love DIY touches that make weddings personal and heartfelt, but some things are better left to a professional!