The Ultimate Wedding Song Lists

One of the most frequent conversations we’ve had over the past 27 years is selecting the proper songs for each of those special moments.
We thought we would put together the ultimate wedding music lists that were ever compiled. We have searched far and wide to provide the ultimate wedding music lists. 
Before the wedding

Engagement party: Get the romantic vibes going with a variety of love songs and classic crowd-pleasing hits.

Bridal shower: A playlist of cheerful melodies and acoustic tunes works wonderfully as background music.

Bachelorette party: It’s ladies’ night! Whatever your plans are, these tunes will get you ready to party with your girls.

Wedding week: Only one week to go until the big day (OMG!). Minimize any last-minute stress with this mood-boosting playlist.

Morning of the wedding: Whether you’re getting ready with the girls, the guys, or both, check out these playlists to start your wedding day off on the right note.


Prelude: Compile a soundtrack that matches the vibe of your wedding to entertain guests as they’re entering the ceremony venue and taking their seats.

Processional: You’ll need to choose a few songs to accompany your family members and wedding party as they make their way to the altar.

Bride Entrance: It’s time for the big moment. If you’re walking down the aisle, “Canon in D” isn’t your only option — trust us!

Interlude: If there’s a break during your ceremony when no one will be speaking (during a candle lighting or other ceremony ritual, for example), you can enhance the moment with a brief interlude song.

Recessional: You’re finally married! A high-energy song celebrates the momentous occasion as you walk past your loved ones, but it’s also a great way to get everyone excited for the party to follow.

Postlude and exit: After you and your wedding party have recessed out of the ceremony, a postlude song (or two) will keep the energy going as guests are standing up and leaving.


Cocktail hour: Whether you’re enjoying drinks with your guests or off taking pictures with your wedding party while friends and family hang at the bar, a fabulous playlist is a key to any great cocktail hour.

Grand entrance: Your guests will be waiting in anticipation for you and your spouse to make your official ‘married couple’ debut — take this special moment the next level with an epic grand entrance song that reflects your personalities (coordinated dance moves optional).

First dance: The first dance is another big moment of the reception, and it’s also one of the most symbolic. The wedding song that you choose for your first dance should be one that you both love, whether it’s a song by your favorite artist, a song that was on the radio when you first started dating, or a song that showcases your interests (like Disney movies!).

Parent dances: Show your parents some much-deserved love by taking them for a spin around the dance floor. Whether you’re looking for tear-jerking wedding songs that have sentimental meaning, or you’d prefer to keep the mood laid-back and cheerful, we have plenty of options.

Party starters: After the traditional dances and speeches are out of the way, it’s time to invite all of your guests to the dance floor. Get people on their feet with a mix of crowd-pleasing hits, from the top songs of the year to familiar old-school tunes that everyone will appreciate.

Wedding anniversary songs: This is one of the less common categories when it comes to wedding songs, so if you’re not familiar, let us explain: you ask all of the married couples to come onto the dance floor, and your band leader or DJ then excuses couples one by one based on the length of their marriage. In the end, you’ll see who’s been married the longest!

Bouquet toss: Coax all of your single female guests onto the dance floor — and find out who will be next to get married, according to tradition — by playing a catchy tune to help one lucky lady snag the bouquet.

Garter toss: Break the ice during this cheeky tradition by choosing an upbeat, lighthearted wedding song

Cake cutting: Cake smash or not, slicing into your wedding cake is a memorable moment, because of dessert. Kick it off with a playful song that entices people to gather ’round and watch.

Banned songs: We wanted to know what songs couples ban at their wedding receptions — the sonic experiences considered so universally unpalatable that statistically discernible numbers of people go out of their way to avoid hearing them on the happiest day of their lives.

Slow dances: Your coupled-up guests will appreciate the opportunity to share a romantic dance with their partner, and we’ve got the perfect slow songs for the occasion.

Tom Waits:  An American singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and actor. His songs are often delivered in his trademark deep, gravelly voice which was described by critic Daniel Durchholz as sounding as though “it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car”.

Last dance: The party has to end eventually, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out with a bang. If your goal is to get everyone on the dance floor one last time, these tunes will do the trick.

Songs By Decade: Here are our Most Requested lists broken down by decade.

Miscellaneous Wedding Playlists: Here are a bunch of random playlists to help you with your song selection and planning.

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