Wedding Q&A: Unexcited Grooms, Save the Dates vs. Invites, Vendor Meals, and More

We get so many great wedding planning questions in our private Facebook group that we thought we would spend the new two episodes answering a few of our favorite ones. Here’s what we’re covering on this episode:

  1. Do you still need to send Save the Dates or is it ok to just send out wedding invites three months before the wedding?
  2. Can you use your holiday card as a Save the Date?
  3. Do I use real flowers and spend thousands for only a few hours, or fake flowers?
  4. Do you add your vendors to the guest list because they are having a plated meal?
  5. Do you have to have friends from your past that you aren’t really close to anymore as bridesmaids? Or can you choose more current ones?
  6. How do we make sure we remember the night and it doesn’t just fly by?
  7. What can you do if you’ve always dreamed of having a wedding– and your fiancé’s excited to marry you–but not excited about or interested in the actual wedding?

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